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i’m steve and if you haven’t figured it out yet: i like to draw!

i’m an illustrator based in british columbia, canada. i’m usually the token canadian in the room (and no, i don’t say “eh”... i think).

i’ve been a creative guy my entire life and fell in love with digital illustration a couple of years ago. i’ve also written a book called “thin spaces”. you can check it out on amazon- i bet you’ll enjoy it!

i’m an advocate for mental health and believe that authenticity and vulnerability are what we’re searching for and need in order to become healthy, whole humans.

in my spare time, you’ll find me hanging out with my wife and 2 kids. probably building lego. might be playing pokemon (because i’m a cool adult like that). and yes, there will be coffee.
specifically a white mocha americano.

if you’d like to work together, or just say “hey”, then let's connect!

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