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This is a story. It’s my story.


Thin Spaces is a journey of my faith formation written in a poetic format and includes 15 illustrations that highlight the story.

In this book, I explore the highs and lows; the mountains I’ve climbed, and the valleys that I’ve stumbled into.

This book is about learning to find the small miracles within the mundane day-to-day,

and finding God in those “thin spaces” along the way. Thin Spaces is about being comfortable with asking questions and having doubts in a safe space.


This is a story. And maybe a story that you’ll find yourself in as well.


"Steve's debut book, Thin Spaces, invites us to slow down and come close and lean in as he shares personal stories and illustrations of hope and hurt and mercy and miracles. This book will humbly invite you to dig deeper, ask questions, and reflect on your own life. This book is a gift and you won't regret picking it up or passing it along to a friend. "

-Tanner Olson, founder, Written to Speak

“Steve’s story is one of highs and lows—like many of us. But his authentic voice and verse allows seekers, believers, and even doubters to find a safe place to search themselves and faith as they discover their own thin spaces among the lines of Steve’s words and art. You’ll start Thin Spaces as a reader; you’ll leave as a friend.”

-Kimberly Phinney, English Professor and author of Of Wings & Dirt



“With fresh creativity and generous vulnerability, Steve Veasey offers us a book of poetry, illustrations and hope. With intentionality in each image and word  Steve draws and writes welcomes you onto the page. Thin Spaces is a kind companion for all of us who have wandered and doubted, wondering if there was room for us to live and breathe with honesty alongside of our faith.”

-Tasha Jun, author of Tell Me The Dream Again

"Steve Veasey writes with such a wonderful cogency and authenticity. His conversational style belies the potency of the questions that he poses, and makes approachable such large topics. This is the perfect read for someone who wants depth and the feeling of a safe location to ask tough questions. The art and stories will stay with you and stir your mind long after you’ve finished it.”

-Seth Coulter, illustrator and writer at Saint Brigand



“A thin space is a place where the divide between the spiritual and natural worlds shrink, where the space between them thins. Drawing from his own experience, Steve shows us that, while often thought of as locations, these thin spaces are just as often circumstance—both good and bad. The upshot: this book becomes a thin space of its own. This is a must-read for anyone seeking sacred moments in their seemingly secular life.”

-Kyle G. Jones, co-author of The Sinner/Saint Lenten Devotional, The Sinner/Saint Devotional: Advent and Christmas, and host of the Haiku Daily Podcast



“Thin Spaces isn’t just a book- it’s a mental exercise and a soundtrack for those who care to tune in. Steve’s art and thoughts are powerful, hopeful and genuinely a breath of fresh air. Get a copy and thank me later.”

-Trevor Tyson, host of Trevor Talks Podcast, founder/ president of Transparent Media Company

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